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Full Service Email Campaigns

We Setup, Run, and Manage Your Email Campaigns


We setup your outbound email system.


Send thousands of emails that will reach the inbox.

Easy to run

Easily create outbound email campaign.

List Of Targeted Emails Including Bulk Email Verification And Bounce Testing For Your Business

Services Provided

  • Email Deliverability Consultation
  • Large Scale Email Infrastructure (MTA) Setup
  • Domain warmup services
  • Email Tools Implementation
  • Email Marketing Strategy Consultation
  • Email Marketing Strategy Consultation and Platform Setup
  • Email campaigns execution and management (retainer plans) with daily/weekly reporting
  • Email content optimization
  • Email architecture and ecosphere planning (and scaling)
  • IP Reputation Management and Monitoring
  • Bounce log management and error analysis to pinpoint delivery issues
  • Whitelisting and Feedback Loops setup
  • Setting up and monitoring the key KPI’s for email performance

Technology Solution

  • Cron jobs for automatic handling
  • IP warmup schedules
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Home page per domain
  • DKIM, DMARC, SPF, rDNS, PTR record ETC
  • Clean IPs guaranteed on startup
  • We will warm up your IP address
  • Integration with Office 365, Gmail Suite, or SMTP email accounts.
  • Latest Email Marketing Technology (EMS and MTA)
  • Mail Server Validations – DKIM, DMARC, ADSP, rDNS, SPF, MX, EHLO Implementation
  • Optimized hourly limits per domain
  • Set daily and second limits per domain
  • Define bounce back emails
  • Define FeedBack Loops and complaints handling
  • I will get 100% 10/10 from https://www.mail-tester.com

Testing Tools

  • GlockApps
  • Mail-tester
  • EmailOnAcid
  • Litmus
  • Mail Trap
  • Google Postmaster, Microsoft SNDS, ReturnPath feedback loops


  • Low spamming chance. 
  • Real-time reporting
  • 100% inbox delivery rate
  • 100% satisfaction will be our priority.
  • Provide real-time reports with bounce rates, inbox delivery, open rates, page visits, time on site.
  • Sales Acceleration


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